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Authors: Dubravka Mićković, Ana Paunović, Milan Paunović, Marko Raković, Daliborka Stanković. Prepared & organized by Olja Vasić. Coordinator: Slavko Spasić

This exhibition presents the diversity and complexity of animal kingdom in the vertebrate group (fishes, reptilians, birds, mammals) in a symbolic way through specimens of various species stored in the Museum collections. The carefully chosen specimens illustrate: diversity of adaptation (body form, activities, habitat), geographic distribution of certain species, genera and families, as well as some of interesting solutions that originated in certain parts of the World during the evolution as well as direct or indirect human impact (for example, the mammal with the snout similar to bird beak, hatching from an egg like a bird but feeding on mother’s milk; ocean-floor shark without the need for fast swimming and therefore having a body shape far from hydrodynamic; legless lizard and snake showing that similar-looking animals do not have to belong to the same group; a bird that due to changed living conditions, partially caused by certain human activities, has completely changed its previous way of life and turned from diurnal to nocturnal…).

The exhibition aims for visitors of all ages, profiles and education levels, but is particularly suitable for K-12 students as a way of acquiring additional knowledge in zoology field, in an observable, interesting and attractive way.