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Museum Night

May 16th 2009, Gallery of The Natural History Museum, Mali Kalemegdan 5, Belgrade

Besides the regular exhibition “THE FISHES”, the visitors during the Museum Night will also meet the representatives of the Third Kingdom. They are not plants, they are not animals; they are – fungi.

The models of fungi, photographs, video projections etc. will be used to present the most interesting representatives of this somewhat mysterious group of living creatures. The largest living creature at our Planet is a fungus, as well as the most poisonous, the most bizarre, the rarest, the most beautiful, the oldest, the sexiest, the hottest, the most bitter, the smallest…

Fungi that fly, fungi that swim, fungi that walk, and much more, interesting but unknown to general public.

The exhibition will be organized in cooperation with the Mycological Society of Serbia.

The Mycological Society of Serbia is a scientific and popular nongovernmental organization bringing together experts – mycologists, farmers, but also amateur fungi lovers. The Society has been active in popularization of fungus studies and enhancement of mycology in Serbia. The activities of the Society include teaching the proper relationship toward the fungi and nature in general, studying fungi as a natural source of food, as well as recognizing the proper ways to collect and farm fungi so they would be protected…