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at Kalemegdan Fortress

Front view

As the Natural History Museum still does not have the appropriate space for complex presentation of Serbian nature, it is forced to make it with the Gallery at Kalemegdan fortress. Therefore the curators from the Museum strive to make each exhibition attractive in that small space of limited possibilities, and that the essence of each of numerous nature themes is expressed in an interesting way.

The building at Kalemegdan that hosts the Gallery appeared for the first time in one of Turkish plans from 1840-ies and is named Karaula. It was used for accommodation of the guards who guarded the main entrance to the fortress from the direction of Stambol Kapija gate. The photograph by Anastasije Jovanović from 1867 shows the building at that time. As an expression of its epoch, it had some features of Turkish architecture and represented a transition from Balkan-Turkish toward the European architecture.In the period 1957-1973, the building hosted the Museum of Forestry and Hunting, which was later added to the Natural History Museum.

Until the 1990-ties, the exhibition was composed of hunting trophies by Jevgenij Demidov – Duke San Donato (donated by Prince Pavle), as well as a smaller exhibition titled OUR FORESTS. The lack of available space in the buildings at Njegoševa 51 and Knjeginje Zorke 57 has forced the Natural History Museum to transfer its exhibition activities to Kalemegdan.

The objects from the permanent exhibition at Kalemegdan were transferred to the storage rooms of the museums, and they were replaced with numerous exhibitions with various themes.After the restoration and adaptation of the building (1992-1994), as the announcement of the celebration of 100 years from the establishment of Natural History Museum (1895-1995), the Gallery was officially opened on December 1994 by exhibition “From the treasuries of Natural History Museum”.

During the following years, several dozen exhibitions were held at the Gallery, and the most important are: Donations to Natural History Museum 1895-1995, A century of hunting 1896-1996, Flora through the eyes of Marija Karlović-Gabrić, Glass menagerie, Reflections of nature: applied art, Newcomers in Natural History Museums, Nature on post stamps 1988-1998, Beauty of the stone, Sharks and rays, Game animals 2000, Mollusks: gastropods, bivalves, cephalopods, Birds – value and importance, Beekeeping in Serbia, The world we live upon, Diversity of nature, Snakes and snake king, Sharks and rays of Adriatic, Let’s touch the nature, Flying, Ice Age, Historian of nature – Nikola Pantić, Travel with Darwin, Skeletons alive. In addition to the exhibitions, the Museum organizes lectures, promotions, creative workshops, talk panels and seminars. Programs are often connected to the international manifestations, such as: Museum Night, Days of European Heritage, Biodiversity Day, Earth Day, Day of Ramsar Convention, Bat Night, etc.

The International day of persons with disabilities (December 3rd) was recognized for the first time in 2005 with an exhibition “Let’s touch the nature”, adapted to the special needs of handicapped persons.

The Gallery also includes Bazaar of Nature, offering various souvenirs made of natural material or with natural motifs, as well as objects taken directly from nature.

Special Gallery unit is The Green Room - space for the presentation of materials related to the exhibitions or display of special mini exhibitions.

Gallery also has a special entrance that enables a safe and easy approach to persons with special needs.Gallery of the Natural History MuseumMali Kalemegdan 511000 Beograd

Open:Every day from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Summer)

Every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Winter)

Closed on Monday

Approachable for persons with special needs

Public transport you may use

Tram lines: 2;

Trolleybus lines: 19; 21; 22; 28; 29; 41

Bus line: 31

Tickets Adults: 100,- RSD

Children under the age of 7; and group visits: 80,- RSD

Free entrance for children under 7 years of age, persons with special needs and their companions

Free entrance of Thursday in period 10:00 AM -12:00

noonGroup visits should be announced earlier at : Tel-fax +381 11 3284 317